Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix - 4L

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Westland Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix contains just the right level of nutrients with added grit and sand for excellent drainage

  • For strong healthy plants
  • Specialist blend
  • Added grit and sand for optimum drainage
  • Contains water-retaining Seramis
  • 4L
When To Use 

April to September

How To Use
  • Water plant well and allow to drain
  • Choose a pot around 305cm larger than the old one with drainage holes
  • Place a layer of potting mix in the bottom of the new pot and carefully remove the plant from its pot
  • Holding it upright and in the middle of the pot, carefully fill it with potting mix around the sides until the pot is full
  • Tap the pot to settle the mix
  • Water well

Sowing Seeds

  • Fill seed tray with potting mix. Water thoroughly using a fine rose
  • Allow to drain for several hours
  • Succulent seeds are very small so just press them into the moist potting mix
  • Cover the tray with glass or a clear polythene bag to retain moisture, keep in a warm place but out of direct sunlight
  • Pot on seedlings when large enough to handle

Potting and Re-Potting


  • Fill the pot or seed tray with potting mix and level off
  • Prick off seedlings into holes
  • Gently firm the potting mix, add a little more if necessary and water in


  • Rooted cuttings should be potted on into individual pots or containers, taking care with fragile roots
  • For larger cuttings, half fill a pot, place the plant in position and fill around the roots with potting mix
  • Gently firm mix and water well


  • Best advised during the growing season
  • Water the plant and allow to drain before removing carefully from the pot using folded paper to protect your hand against spikes
  • Put a layer of potting mix in the new pot and sit the plant on it
  • Fill the rest of the pot with potting mix, firming lightly around the root ball
  • Do not water for a few days to prevent rotting of damaged roots


  • Westland Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix will supply your plant with all the nutrients they need for strong, healthy growth during the first 4-6 weeks
  • After that, feed them at 2-3 week intervals during the growing season with Cacti feed

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