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Grain-Free and Potato-Free formula for adult dogs of all breeds.

Carnilove has been formulated with respect for the natural origins of dogs. The wide spectrum of carefully selected wild-origin meats, such as duck, pheasant, lamb, wild boar, and salmon, corresponds to the composition of natural prey and ensures intake of important amino acids. Forest fruits, vegetables, wild berries, and herbs are natural sources of important vitamins, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients.

Lamb & Wild Boar

Lamb and wild boar are the perfect combination of quality, highly digestible usable proteins rich in natural nutrients.
Lamb is an excellent source of trace elements such as selenium, iron, zinc, B vitamins, and unsaturated fats, while wild boar is packed with proteins yet contains little fat, making it ideal for maintaining optimum physical condition without the risk of increased blood cholesterol levels.  


Salmon is a good source of highly digestible proteins.
It's easy to digest and has inflammatory properties. It is also rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which have a positive impact on mental development, the cardiovascular system, and metabolism (they reduce blood sugar levels). In addition, to helping prevent degenerative eye disorders, salmon and it's fat improve the quality and appearance of hair and skin.

Duck and Pheasant

Duck is an ideal source of proteins and is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), which reduce blood cholesterol levels.
It's a fantastic source of niacin (vitamin B3), which plays an important role in metabolic processes within the body and also help to lower blood cholesterol levels. Duck contains vitamins A and C as well as important minerals such as iron, calcium, and selenium, while pheasant is an excellent source of vitamin B12, phosphor, and selenium. The combination of duck and pheasant creates a dietetically balanced and nutritious food containing all the essential amino acids,    

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