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Make heat loss up your chimney a thing of the past and shield your home from chilly downdrafts from your chimney, an inflatable heat-saving balloon from De Vielle. Simply inflate the chimney draught excluder to form a highly effective barrier within your chimney flue. As well as reducing downdrafts and updrafts, balloons dampen outdoor noise and prevent soot, dirt, and bird mess coming down your chimney.  

The Eco Balloon is designed to inflate and push against all sides of the chimney, holding itself firmly in place. There is a small vent in the side of the product which allows some airflow, permitting your chimney to ‘«breathe ‘Ï.

Available in Small, Medium, and Large:

  • Small - for chimney sizes up to 304 x 279mm (12 x 11 inches)
  • Medium - for chimney sizes up to 584 x 355mm   (23 x 14 inches)
  • Large - for chimney sizes up to 762 x 457mm (30 x 18 inches)

Key Features

  • Stops downdrafts and updrafts.
  • Shields from debris, soot, and bird mess.
  • Restricts ventilation.
  • Dampens outdoor noise.
  • Supplied with mouthpiece for easy inflation.
  • Simply deflate to remove.
  • Reusable for long-lasting use.
  • We have three sizes available to fit a wide range of flues. They're a highly effective way to reduce heating costs. Deflated sizes -
    • Small Eco balloon size: 300mm x 280mm approx.
    • Medium Eco balloon size: 580mm x 465mm approx.
    • Large Eco balloon size: 775mm x 465mm approx.
  • Brand: De Vielle
  • 1 x balloon 1 x mouthpiece 1 x instructions

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