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  • Bestseller
  • Aqua coir formula
  • Contains 6 months feed
  • Grows twice as big

Miracle-Gro Moisture Controls special formula contains Smart Release Feed granules providing complete nutrition for healthy growth and beautiful blooms for up to 6 months. The continuous feeding granules have a unique coating so the plant food is only released when it is warm and moist. This is when plants are actively growing and need it most. Perfect for use in hanging baskets, pots and containers. Exclusive Aquacoir formula stores and releases water when plants need it to take the guesswork out of watering. Special water-retaining agent absorbs TWICE as much water as ordinary multipurpose compost. Helps stop your plants drying out and makes watering easier.

How to use:

  • Hanging Baskets: Line the basket, if required with moss or another liner. Part fill the basket with compost. Plant trailing plants around the baskets edge and upright plants in the centre. Fill the rest of the basket with compost, firm lightly and water thoroughly.
  • Pots and Containers: Place a layer of compost in the base of the pot. Tap out the plant from the old pot, loosen the root ball and place in the centre of the pot. Fill the space around the root ball, ensuring the compost level covers all the roots. Firm lightly, water thoroughly and let it drain.


Keep the bag closed when in storage to prevent drying out. Storage from one year to another may affect performance. Keep away from pesticides. Occasionally a white mould appears on the compost. This is not harmful to your plants and should disappear naturally.

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