Red 1.5mm 16A Brown Black Grey Three Core & Earth 6243Y Flat PVC/PVC Harmonised Lighting Power Cable

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Zexum high quality 3 Core & Earth Power and Lighting  cable.  
A quality, well-constructed product which is easily stripped and worked with.
  • 1.5mm? copper conductor size, Nominal Overall Diameter 11.4mm x 5.0mm
  • 3 Core & Earth Cable with Brown (Replacement of red, Live), Black (Replacement of yellow) and Grey (Replacement of blue) coloured cores as indicators with bare earth (to be sleeved with *Green/Yellow Earth Sleeving*)
  • High quality solid plain copper cores, Insulated/Sheathed with Rigid Red PVC
  • Suitable for voltages up to a maximum voltage of 300/500V and maximum current of 16A.
  • Suitable for Temperatures between 0?C and +70?C
Conforms to BS6004 and BASEC approved.
General-purpose Three Core & Earth Cable which is mainly used for two way and intermediate lighting circuits in domestic locations and for Central Heating wiring. Fixed installation in both dry and damp walls, Cable Trunking & Cable Tray  or embedded in plaster.  

Zexum is a UK manufacturer which sources quality cables made to the highest specifications from various sources both in the UK and the Rest of the world.
This product will be supplied in a single length up to 100m unless otherwise requested.

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