Super Fast Plus Extra Strength Precision Industrial Bonding Glue

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C-Tec SuperFast Plus is an extra-strength bonding glue formulated from solvent-free an ethyl-cyanacrylate monomer  designed to withstand incredible strain when bonded to virtually any material. (exludes polyethylene, polypropylene and fluorine containing plastic materials)

Resistant against solvents, oils, benzene, temperatures between -30 - 100 degrees celcius, and atmospheric changes, joints bonded with Superfast Plus have outstandingly high tensile shear strength and show no shrinkage.



Superfast Plus can easily bond:

ABS,  Aluminium,  Bakelite,  Bronze,  Buthyl,  Celluloid,  Choroprene,  Chrome,  Delrin,  Glass,  Copper,  Natural rubber,  NBR,  Neoprene,  Nitril,  Nylon,  Phenol,  Polycarbonate,  Polystyrene,  Porcelain,  Hard PVC,  Stainless steel,  Steel

For porous materials we reccomend using C-Tec Super Fast Plus Activator

Main Features:

Bonds in seconds
Solvent-free Cyanacrylate
Temperature resistance ranges 130?C from -30?C to 100?C
Resistance to erosion from solvents & oils
Incredible tensile strength
Colourless formula

Product Specification Sheet - Click Here

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