T8 LED Tubes

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T8 LED Tubes- Available in 18W(4FT) or 22W(5FT)

LED T8 Tube Bulb with Starter 1200mm 18W 1500 Lumen Status 18SL1.2MT81PK9

  • 1200mm (4ft) tube
  • 25 years or 25,000 hour life
  • Low power LED bulb
  • Single pack
  • With starter

Status LED T8 Tube Bulb With Starter - 1500mm - 22W - 1900 Lumens Status   22SL1.5MT81PK9

  • With starter
  • 25 years or 25,000 hour life
  • 1500mm (5ft) tube
  • Single pack

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