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Westland Bonsai Potting Mix is formulated for the correct balance of drainage and water retention as well as aeration. Which is all required to develop a healthy root system, and is essential for healthy bonsai growth. The mix also contains special water-retaining granules from Seramis. These granules allow the plants to absorb everything they require. 

  • For strong healthy plants
  • Specialist blend
  • Added grit and sand for optimum drainage
  • Contains water-retaining Seramis
  • 4L
When To Use 

Spring or Autumn

How To Use
  • Each spring take your bonsai tree out of its pot to inspect the roots to see if the plant needs potting on
  • Even if re-planting in the same spot, tease out the old compost and trim the roots before adding fresh bonsai compost
  • Keep it out of the sun and water frequently to allow it to recover

    Growing and Re-Potting

    • Select a young tree or shrub and pop it up in Westland Bonsai Potting Mix using a smaller pot. For the next 2-3 years regularly trim the roots and shoots
    • When the bonsai tree is ready to be transferred to its permanent container, fill the container with Westland Bonsai Potting Mix and secure the tree in the pot with wire
    • Before planting, trim the roots so they fit into the container without having to be bent or forced
    • Keep the plant out of the sun and water frequently to allow it to recover
    • Each spring, take your bonsai out of its pot and inspect the roots to see if the plant needs to be potted on
    • If replanting in the same pot, tease out the old compost and trim roots before adding the potting mix
    • Keep it out of the sun and water frequently to allow it to recover


    • Water once or even twice a day during summer, but less frequently in winter
    • Always endure that excess water can drain freely to avoid root damage


      • Westland Bonsai Potting Mix will supply your plant with all the nutrients they need for strong, healthy growth during the first 4-6 weeks
      • During spring and summer, feed your plant with Bonsai feed every two weeks

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