Garden Tools

1.5L Hand Pressure Sprayer
Save £5.77
Multi-Change Aluminium D-Grip HandleMulti-Change Aluminium D-Grip Handle
Save £11.48
Stainless Steel Border SpadeStainless Steel Border Spade
Save £2.35
Easygreen Rotary SpreaderEasygreen Rotary Spreader
Save £4.19
Jumbo Tidy PanJumbo Tidy Pan
Garland Jumbo Tidy Pan
£11.06 £15.25
Save £16.46
Long Handled Edging ShearsLong Handled Edging Shears
Save £7.14
Multi-Change Hand Fork 7.5cmMulti-Change Hand Fork 7.5cm
Save £11.43
Stainless Steel Digging SpadeStainless Steel Digging Spade
Save £11.43
Stainless Steel Digging ForkStainless Steel Digging Fork
Save £11.48
Stainless Steel Border ForkStainless Steel Border Fork
Heavy Duty Hand Trowel
Save £6.90
Multi-Change Hand Trowel 8cmMulti-Change Hand Trowel 8cm
Save £3.17
Metal Watering Can 9L - Vintage CreamMetal Watering Can 9L - Vintage Cream
Save £17.79
Multi-Change Soil Miller 15cm (2019 Model)Multi-Change Soil Miller 15cm (2019 Model)
Save £5.63
Stainless Steel Swoe Style HoeStainless Steel Swoe Style Hoe
Save £0.61
1.5L Hand Pressure Sprayer
Save £11.51
Stainless Steel Edging BladeStainless Steel Edging Blade
Save £11.43
Lawn RakeLawn Rake
Save £1.05
Carbon Steel Digging ForkCarbon Steel Digging Fork
Save £4.41
Wolf Garten multi-change® Garden ScraperWolf Garten multi-change® Garden Scraper
Save £6.92
Carbon Steel Edging Blade (1111204W)
Save £1.28
Value 10 Litre Green Watering CanValue 10 Litre Green Watering Can
Save £18.21
Multi-Change Moss Remover Roller (2019 Model)Multi-Change Moss Remover Roller (2019 Model)
Save £5.72
Easy Spreader PlusEasy Spreader Plus
Hand Fork with Wooden Handle
Save £55.95
Bypass Tree LooperBypass Tree Looper
Save £5.63
Stainless Steel Soil RakeStainless Steel Soil Rake
Save £9.37
Wolf Garten multi-change® Telescopic Handle 90-150cmWolf Garten multi-change® Telescopic Handle 90-150cm
Save £12.83
Gardena StarCut Branch Pruner 160 plus
Save £12.35
Deluxe Bypass PrunerDeluxe Bypass Pruner
Save £17.79
Multi-Change Soil Miller 15cmMulti-Change Soil Miller 15cm
Save £3.45
Wolf Garten Weeding/Planting Knife with Fixed Handle
Save £3.95
Wolf Garten multi-change® Aluminium Handle 118cmWolf Garten multi-change® Aluminium Handle 118cm
Save £3.67
Wolf Garten Wide Trowel with fixed handle

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