Safety Equipment

Save £2.16
Latex GlovesLatex Gloves
Kingfisher Latex Gloves
£0.83 £2.99
Save £40.52
Auto Darkening Welding Helmet
350mm Speed Ramp (1 x Black & 1 x Yellow Piece)350mm Speed Ramp (1 x Black & 1 x Yellow Piece)
Save £8.01
WET FLOOR A-Frame Floor Sign
Save £33.32
Rubber Wall Protector - Black & YellowRubber Wall Protector - Black & Yellow
Save £1.58
Dust Masks - 6 Piece
Save £2.72
Disposable Workmans Dust Mask with Valve
Save £1.83
57pc Home First Aid Kit57pc Home First Aid Kit
Save £2.25
Clear Workshop Safety Wraparound Glasses
Save £4.74
Live Electrical Cable Warning Tape 365M Roll
Save £3.31
Hard Hat Insulated Safety Protection with Full Peak
Save £1.89
Clear Cover Spectacles Approved Eye Protection Safety Equipment
Save £3.77
Ear Defenders Protection Hearing Safety ProtectorsEar Defenders Protection Hearing Safety Protectors
Save £2.15
Corded Tapered Foam Ear Plugs Protection Safety ProtectorsCorded Tapered Foam Ear Plugs Protection Safety Protectors
Save £1.56
5 Pairs Tapered Foam Earplugs Ear Protection Protectors
Save £5.76
Hi-Vis Latex Gloves - Large, Yellow

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