Gardening Tools

Save £9.45
Lawn Drop SpreaderLawn Drop Spreader
Save £5.30
Multi-Change Weeding BrushMulti-Change Weeding Brush
Save £6.95
Hand Weeder with Wooden Handle
Save £1.27
Winter Scoop
Garland Winter Scoop
£1.58 £2.85
Save £5.23
Adjustable Lawn RakeAdjustable Lawn Rake
Save £31.24
1.2 Metre Square Tray Black1.2 Metre Square Tray Black
Save £6.84
Digging Fork with Steel Shaft
Save £8.44
Stainless Steel 3 Prong CultivatorStainless Steel 3 Prong Cultivator
Save £4.16
Maxima Ratchet Pruners
Save £2.46
Multi-Change Small HandleMulti-Change Small Handle
Save £1.85
Multi-Change Aluminium Handle 142cmMulti-Change Aluminium Handle 142cm
Save £6.74
Multi-Change Dutch Hoe 13cmMulti-Change Dutch Hoe 13cm
Post Hole Auger 127 mm Diameter
Save £6.30
Grow Bed Canopy SupportGrow Bed Canopy Support
Save £18.44
1 Metre Square Tray Black1 Metre Square Tray Black
Save £10.20
80cm Square Tray Black
Save £5.05
60cm Square Tray- Black
Value 10 Litre Green Watering CanValue 10 Litre Green Watering Can
Save £20.12
20V Cordless Leaf Blower - Body Only
Save £7.70
Square Mouth Shovel
Save £9.42
16 Prong Metal Garden Rake
Save £8.99
Multi-Change Telescopic Handle 220-400cmMulti-Change Telescopic Handle 220-400cm

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