2.5Kw Digital Mica Heater

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  • 2 Mica Elements for Convection and Infrared Heat
  • Adjustable Thermostat with Two Heat Settings: 1.5kW and 2.5kW
  • Overheating Protection
  • Thermal Cut-Out  
  • Anti-Tilt Cut-Out
  • Anti-Frost Mode
  • Timer Setting

This 2.5Kw free-standing Mica Convection and Infra-Red heater has two wheels for extra portability and heats up in 1-2 minutes so can get the room warm as soon as you need it to be.
Mica technology uses thin sheets of Mica around the heating element which converts the electricity into both convection and radiant heat.
Thermostatic control allows you to adjust the temperature for maximum comfort.
An automatic overheating cut-out ensures that the product is safe and reliable.  

Silentnight Mica heaters have four inbuilt Mica heating elements with both convection and infrared heat, for an even spread of warmth, which will heat up in 1-2 minutes and without the noise of standard convector or fan heaters. This means your room will reach the optimum temperature you require quickly and with an adjustable thermostat that controls the heat when up to temperature and two heat settings (1500w or 2500w) you can control the warmth to whatever you need it to be quickly and easily. 
An Overheating Protector with a Thermal Cut-Out and also a safety tip-over switch means the heater is incredibly safe to use, allowing you to use this overnight when sleeping.
The Anti-Frost Setting will turn on the heater if the room becomes very cold.
The Timer Setting allows you to choose the length of operation - from 0.5 to 18 hours.

Mica Panel - this is oil-free so very lightweight compared to other Portable Heaters, as well the safest kind of Electric Heaters
Convection and Infra-Red Technology- also with Frost Protection function - so has the ability to come on when needed to
Stylish Black Design - and cool touch so easy to move around

Comes with a 3 Year Manufacturer's  Warranty

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