5 Pairs Tapered Foam Earplugs Ear Protection Protectors

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Avit AV13011 Tapered Ear Plugs Protection are Ideal for all Workmen and DIY enthusiasts working in noisy environments.

Tapered shape for easy insertion and removal.

Polymer foam compresses and expands for a perfect comfortable fit.

Compliant with EN352-2.

Technical Specification:
Frequency 63Hz - Mean Attenuation 34.4dB - Standard Deviation 3.3dB - Assumed Protection 31.1dB
Frequency 125Hz - Mean Attenuation 38.1dB - Standard Deviation 4.9dB - Assumed Protection 33.2dB
Frequency 250Hz - Mean Attenuation 37.9dB - Standard Deviation 6.3dB - Assumed Protection 31.6dB
Frequency 500Hz - Mean Attenuation 39.6dB - Standard Deviation 6.5dB - Assumed Protection 33.1dB
Frequency 1000Hz - Mean Attenuation 37.7dB - Standard Deviation 4.2dB - Assumed Protection 33.5dB
Frequency 2000Hz - Mean Attenuation 37.3dB - Standard Deviation 3.5dB - Assumed Protection 33.8dB
Frequency 4000Hz - Mean Attenuation 48.4dB - Standard Deviation 5.1dB - Assumed Protection 43.3dB
Frequency 8000Hz - Mean Attenuation 45.9dB - Standard Deviation 4.5dB - Assumed Protection 41.4dB

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