Chicken Manure Pellets - 10KG TUB

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This straight plant feed is suitable for general garden nourishment.

  • Suggested use period - For best results apply in Autumn and Spring and 3-4 weeks before planting
  • Chemical care - Typical analysis NPK 4.5-3.5-2.5

Features and Benefits:

Chicken Manure Pellets are ideal for soil improvement, planting & feeding of established plants

  • For all use around the garden
  • Apply several days before sowing seeds, or planting out small/sensitive plants
  • The chicken manure pellets will break down slowly releasing nutrients into the soil. For fast growing crops an additional feed may be required
  • Apply in the autumn when preparing winter beds or early in spring as a base fertiliser when preparing your beds for planting
  • 100% organic
  • The pellets should be worked into the soil (a hole is usually ideal). During dry weather, water before sowing seeds and after planting
  • Apply before sowing at a rate of 50-150g sq.m and 100-300g sq.m before planting. For feeding apply at 100-300g sq.m

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