Fast Growing Lawn Seed with ProCoat - 500g



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  • Quick & Easy
  • Fast Growing
  • Covers up to 20sqm
  • Magicoat Better Results & Saves Water

Doff Fast Growing Lawn Seed is quick and easy to sow and the lawn is low maintenance once established. With a superfine appearance, you can simply use this anywhere for a thicker greener lawn.

Directions For Use

Preparation Of A New Lawn Area - Covers 7sqm: Prepare the site by loosening the soil to a depth of approximately 8cm with a spade or fork. If the soil is heavy, or clay-like, then work in plenty of sharp sand as good drainage is key, on the other hand, if the soil is too light or sandy, work in a good amount of peat to give body to the soil and prevent drying out and loss of nutrients. (At this stage you can add a small amount of multipurpose fertilizer into the soil).
Make sure the surface is levelled off (you can add an extra top dressing of good soil or compost to help you achieve this) the soil surface needs to be lightly watered so that it is moist but do not drench. Gently firm the surface area by lightly treading the area before re-raking the top surface to a fine tilth before sowing.

Spot Repairing Or Over Seeding An Existing Lawn- Covers 20sqm: Mow the area as short as possible before raking the area to remove any worn grass, stones and weeds. Sow seed evenly over the surface at 25g per square meter; work the seed into the existing turf by raking in. Keep the soil moist with frequent, light watering but do not drench. Allow seedlings to establish and do not mow until grass reached a minimum of 5cm. Resume normal mowing practices. 

Sowing: Sow seed evenly over the surface at 40g per square meter, rake or drag the seed into the surface of the soil to approximately 0.5cm, but do not totally bury the seed as some seed should remain visible on the surface.
After sowing the seed, make sure the soil is kept moist while the seedlings become established, water gently and frequently (little and often) until lots of seedlings are visible. (Do not drench or be heavy-handed as you will dislodge seed). Gently reduce the watering but do not allow soil to dry out until lawn area is completely established. 

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