Fish Blood and Bone Granular Fertiliser - 2KG



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  • Ready-to-use natural all-purpose fertiliser
  • Suitable for organic gardening
  • Use all around the garden
  • Ideal for fast-growing flowers, fruits and vegetables
  • Encourages strong, healthy growth

Doff Fish Blood & Bone is an organic-based multi-purpose fertiliser which provides the nutrients for the growth of healthy plants and to encourage flowering. 

This 2kg box contains an easy-to-use dry fertiliser which can be sprinkled by hand in the garden and then watered in. 

Directions For Use

We recommend gloves when using this product. Use every 4-6 weeks during the growing season. 

Pre-Planting: Apply evenly 50g per sqm over the soil and rake/fork gently. Water in well after application.

Top Dressing: Apply 50g per sqm around the plants avoiding the stems and the foliage and rake/fork in gently. Water in well after application. 

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