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  • Multi-purpose fertiliser
  • Ready to use
  • Contains vital minerals for plants
  • Use all around the garden
  • Traditional general-purpose plant food
  • Use as a top or base dressing

Doff Growmore Multi-Purpose Plant Food 7-7-7 provides a general-purpose fertiliser for use all around the garden. This traditional general-purpose plant food is presented in a generous 2kg box of easy to use dry fertiliser. 

Directions For Use

When To Use: Spring to Autumn 

Where To Use: Can be used as an all-round feed on outdoor plants and vegetables

How To Use: Spread evenly at the appropriate application rate, hoe in and water well.

Application Rates

Potatoes Prior To Planting: Use 200g per square metre

Other Vegetables Prior To Planting or Sowing: Use 140g per square metre.

Top Dressing For Established Plants: Apply 8-10 week intervals, 70g per square metre

Shrubs, Fruit Trees and Bushes: Mix 70-140g into the infill depending on the size of the plant

New Lawns: Use 140g per square metre forked into the top 8cm of soil before sowing grass seed. 

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