Granulite Salt - 25KG

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  • Water Softening Salt
  • Great for Industrial, Commercial, or Domestic Water Softening Systems
  • Works with most UK Dishwashers
  • Compliant with UK and EU Guidelines
  • 25kg Bag

High Purity Pure Dried Vacuum Salt

Granulite Salt is formed from High Purity Pure Dried Vacuum (PDV) salt that is crushed to form salt granules which are 2-6mm in length. It features a top of the line quality control which ensures optimum performance for use of regeneration of ion exchangers in domestic and light commercial water softening equipment and dishwashers.

Softens Hard Water

This salt softens hard water for better cleaning results: it can improve the efficiency of Hot Water and Heating Systems and can reduce scaling and staining in Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Works With Dishwashers

It can be used in dishwashers as the granules dissolve rapidly without caking, and it fully complies with all UK and EU guidelines for the treatment of water intended for human consumption, including BS EN 973:2009.

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