Grade 2 Surface Contact with Tamper & Resistors - Brown

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Grade: 2
Model: D75BNO
D75BNO is a standard Grade 2 surface contact.

The D75 is a standard surface contact complete with an internal PCB and wire clamping terminal blocks. 2 terminals govern the switch, 2 provide a tamper loop and the remaining two are left as spares. Terminals are marked on the PCB for ease of installation.

This is a rectangular contact with smooth, rounded edges. it provides an operating gap of approximately 35mm. Both contact and magnet are 78x24x20mm.

  • 6 wire clamping screw down terminals are provided on the PCB ‘ two for the switch, two for tamper and two unlinked spares.
  • The tamper on this contact is provided by a sprung microswitch, which will detect removal of the lid.
  • This contact is Normally Open (N/O) ‘ The circuit through the contact is complete until the magnet is moved close by. With the magnet in close proximity, the circuit through the contact is broken.
  • Supplied with fitting screws.

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