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00 20 11 Assembly Set

  • Tools in a plastic deep-drawn tray with transparent lid
  • Attractive sales packaging with Euro standard perforation
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 170 x 370 x 40 mm

Pliers with two-colour multi-component grips

Net weight: 810 g

Box Contains
1 x Knipex 03 02 180 Combination Pliers
1 x Knipex 26 12 200 Snipe Nose Side Cutting Pliers
1 x Knipex 70 02 160 Diagonal Cutter

  • Everything with you at all times: the Assembly Set from Knipex with three proven pairs of pliers for gripping, cutting, bending, pulling and positioning. Ideal for the belt tool pouch.
  • Knipex 03 02 180 combination pliers; with gripping zones for flat and round material; cutting capacity for hard wire (wire rope) Ø 2.2 mm, stranded Cu cable up to 16.0 mm²
  • 70 02 160 Knipex diagonal cutters; oil-hardened; cutting capacity for hard wire Ø  2.0 mm; soft wire (copper wire) Ø  4.0 mm
  • 26 12 200 Knipex needle nose pliers with cutting edge, (snipe nose side cutting pliers); precision tips that are stable when twisted and half round, pointed jaws
  • Pliers in Assembly Set forged from high-quality tool steel, oil-hardened; chrome-plated; with multi-component grips

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