NightHawk 12W Low Energy High Intensity LED Security Flood Light with PIR

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Low Energy Led Security Light with PIR which can be installed in a range of interior and exterior applications to detect the presence of intruders. Simply connect to mains power, fix to wall, set the time and date and switch on.
Eco-friendly high intensity LED floodlight with 1100 Lumen output with a massive 50,000 hour life. That's 65 years if used for 2 hours per day!
The Nighthawk LED detects the presence of intruders with its proven PIR (Passive Infra-red) technology at a distance of up to 10 meters from the Unit. A photocell is employed to ensure activation is restricted to day or night operation at the user's discretion.
When NightGuard is required for amenity lighting. Simply switch the unit on and off to permanently activate the LED array. To return to PIR trigger mode, switch off for 10 seconds and switch back on.
Weatherproof, suitable for external and internal use.
Adjustable floodlight direction with horizontal and vertical axis with widespread illumination up to 120° (please see image above)
Passive Infra-red Sensor detector - optimised to detect movement within its 10m x 160° range.
Adjustable lux with dusk to dark feature.
Time adjustment control of 5 secs to 5 mins.
Power source of 220-240VAC/50Hz energy 12.7w maximum power consumption.
Additional Switching Capability of 50W LED Floodlight or up to 500W of Halogen floodlights
Ideal for use with up to four NH150 LED floodlights.
For the full user manual click here or for the brochure for this product click here
To complete the installation you may require either 1.5mm Twin and Earth cable with clips or 1.5mm 3 Core Black Flexible Cable and clips. You may also need a junction box to connect this into your existing wiring circuit.

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