Power Grab n Bond Construction Vertical Bonding Industrial Adhesive

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From C-Tec comes the new revolution in heavy-duty bonding; CT1 Power Grab n Bond, an all-purpose vertical bonding adhesive designed for the toughest jobs, CT1 Power Grab n Bond is based from C-Tecs winning CT1 formula, with a much higher density and no solvents.  

Power Grab n Bond is the ideal one-stop product on your job site or DIY toolkit for all vertical bonding applications, and its powerful initial grab and rapid curing properties will reduce labour time in most applications by at least 50%.

Power Grab n  Bond can bond virtually any material including stone, granite, metals (including alloys) glass, and most plastics, in any combination of suitable materials, giving you an endless list of possibilities with this true super-strength product.

Power Grab n  Bond was designed initially for facade application as a powerful adhesive with none of the drawbacks of conventional epoxy mixes, such as the need for additional fixings, supports, and the long curing time. Power Grab n Bond has none of these disadvantages and is sure to be an invaluable product for any tradesman or DIY enthusiast.

Power Grab N Bond comes in a Graphite Grey Colour


Main Features:

  • Industrial high-density adhesive
  • Bonds to virtually any material
  • No shrinkage
  • 10-15 minute skinning time
  • High U.V and fungal resistance
  • Resistant to seawater, chlorine and most chemicals
  • Remains flexible
  • Vibration resistant
  • Bonds on dry and damp surfaces

Technical Specification:

  • Initial Bonding Strength (Uncured): 100grms /cm²
  • Initial Strength For Vertical Bonding (Uncured) 20grms / cm²
  • Tensile Strength Fully Cured: 22kg / cm²
  • Shear Strength fully Cured: 11kg / cm²
  • Density: 1569kg/m²
  • Curing in 24hrs: 2 to 3mm
  • Shrinkage: None
  • Skinning Time: 10-15mins
  • E-Modulus 100%: 1.39 Mpa
  • Volume Shrinkage After Cure: None
  • Hardness ‘ DIN 53505 Shore A: 60°
  • Thermal Stability: -40°C till + 100°C

Chemical Resistance:

  • Good: Water, seawater, aliphatic solvents, oils, greases, Diluted organic acids.
  • Moderate: Esters, ketones, Aromatics
  • Bad: Concentrated acids, chlorinated solvents, High concentrations of chlorine

Specification Sheet - Click Here

This product is ideally used with an Avit Sealant Applicator Drench Gun

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