Smart Ecombi 1.3kW Storage & 600W Convector Heater

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The Elnur ECO208 Combined 1300W Storage and 600W Convector Heater is ideal for all low-cost tariffs, with easy to use top positioned controls.

The ECO208 has been discontinued and replaced by the ECOSSH208, a Smart Storage Heater which is ECO Design Compliant to LOT20. 

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  • Silent performance.
  • Temperature sensor with calibration option.
  • Overheating protection at storage heating.
  • Safety thermostat with manual reset.
  • Class I insulation.
  • Convector heating element made of Aluminium.
  • Storage heating elements made of stainless steel.
  • Michrotherm G 10mm insulation, vermiculite, and ecological fibre.
  • Front, side and rear air isolating chambers.
  • Storage core made of a specially designed material for ECOMBI.
  • Steel structure powder coated in epoxy RAL 9010.
  • Robust plastic fittings.
  • Easy to install on any kind of wall.
  • Very intuitive keyboard with lock option.
  • Compatible with two-period off-peak electric tariff in a single 24-hour interval.
  • Daily and weekly programming.
  • Deferred storage energy option.
  • Automatic Ecombi, convection or frost protection operation modes are some of the options to choose with this smart heating system.

Smart Storage Heating

Elnur ‘s innovative ECO208 Ecombi Heater is the most economical storage heating option available. Thanks to the high-sensitivity thermostat in Elnur ‘s patented ESICC electronic management module, the ECO208 can monitor a room's daily energy consumption and heat loss in order to establish its heating needs and adapt accordingly. This optimises running costs while providing maximum comfort.

The different functions and options offered by ECOMBI make this solution in the most flexible and definitive choice in the world of electric heating.

Designed to Use Off-Peak Electricity

Like traditional storage heaters, the ECO208 is designed to consume energy during off-peak hours* when rates are at their best, and release heat gradually, but if there is a sharp change in temperature or unexpected heat loss in a room, it can also provide additional heat using a back-up heater. In addition to managing the temperature and controlling its energy consumption, the Ecombi Smart System comes with five different operating modes for users to choose from.

ECOMBI combines storage heating and direct heating high-efficiency technology in energy consumption: charging hours can be fully programmable daily and weekly, even if there is more than one charging period during the same day.  Room temperature can be adjusted in a very accurate way to the user's needs.

Cost-Effective and Easy To Use

By offering heat from two totally controlled and optimized sources to reduce the electric consumption expenses, this is off-peak on one side and also applying the highest technology in managing direct-acting electric heat on the other, ECOMBI provides the most cost-effective source of heating in the market.

ECOMBI has been designed also to minimize the installation work, avoiding the double work and making a quick and easy final fit assembly.

ECOMBI also offers other working modes and functionalities depending on user requirements:  Storage Heater, Combined Storage Heater, Convector & Frost-protection.

5 Year Parts and Labour Guarantee.

Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery.
Storage heaters are supplied with bricks, standing feet, and wall brackets.

Technical Specification:

  • Convector Output: 600W
  • Storage Heater Output: 1300W
  • Charging (7h): 10.4kWh
  • Bricks (8kg each): 8
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 66cm x 73cm x 18cm  
  • Weight: 77kg

Instruction Manual
Ecombi Performance Report
Ecombi Innovation and Efficiency

This product is also available in 975W/450W, 1950W/900W, and 2600W/1200W versions.

*To get the most out of this easy-to-install storage heater, ask your energy provider for more information about off-peak rates.

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