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Westland Bone Meal is a naturally-sourced feed where nutrients are taken up efficiently due to longer periods of release in the soil. It has Nitrogen to support green growth, Calcium to keep your plant both healthy and strong and Phosphorus for your roots to grow bigger and stronger. 

Bone Meal is perfect for maintaining trees and shrubs, but is also great for hedges and even root vegetables. 

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for trees and shrubs
  • Promotes strong and healthy rooting
  • Greener, healthier foliage
  • NPK: 3-9-0
      Why Use

      Bone Meal has a very high phosphorus content plus a smaller amount of nitrogen. This balance is ideal for encouraging strong root growth. The organic nutrients in the fertiliser are gently released into the soil over an extended period of time. 

      When To Use

      Apply every 4-6 weeks throughout the growing season from February until the end of October. For best results, the granules should be worked into the soil. During dry weather, water before and after application. 

      How To Use

      One handful of Bone Meal is about 35g (1.25oz). You can apply Bone Meal every 4-6 weeks to sustain good soil fertility. 

      • Trees and Shrubs - Established Plants: Apply 135g/sq. m (5oz/sq. yd) around the base. Gently fork into the soil surface without disturbing the roots. Alternatively, sprinkle the product over the soil surface, around the stem f the plant and water in well. 
      • Trees and Shrubs - New Plantings: Apply 135g/sq. m (5oz/sq. yd) to the bottom of the planting hole and mix well with soil or compost when refilling the hole. 
      • Flowers: Apply 135g/sq. m (5oz/sq. yd) to the soil surface and fork in. Take care that the granules do not touch the plant leaves or stems. Water in well after application. 
      • Vegetables: Apply 70g/sq. m (2.5oz/sq. yd) as a top dressing to the soil surface and work in well. 
      Safety Information
      • Children and pets can continue to use treated areas immediately after application. Some dogs may be attracted to eat the product, to avoid this mix well with the soil. 
      • Land where the product has been applied should not be used for grazing or cropping for feedingstuffs within the following periods (a) 2 months in the case of pigs; and (b) 3 weeks in the case of other farm animals. 

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