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Westland Orchid Mist is a revitalising, purified water mist spray that creates the ideal humid climate for healthy leaf growth. The combined gentle cleaning action and extra rich nutrients keep orchids flowering for longer and keeps leaves moist, clean and healthy, with a natural shine. 

  • For longer-lasting flowers
  • Nutrient-rich purified water
  • Intense hydration
  • Fine mist spray
  • Ready to use
      Why Use

      Orchids prefer high air humidity; applying Westland Orchid Mist to the aerial roots and foliage will help replicate the plants natural growing environment and keep it healthy. 

      What To Expect

      Prolongs flowering and keeps leaves healthy, moist and green. 

      When To Use

      All year round. 

      How To Use
      • Shake bottle before use
      • Apply by spraying onto aerial roots and leaves until visibly wet
      • Apply 1-2 times per week

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