Rose Specialist Liquid Feed - 1L

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Westland Rose Specialist Liquid Feed is a specially tailored feed that provides the essential nutrients that roses need to flourish. Whether your roses are in containers or in the ground, feed them weekly. This will help to prevent disease and for an abundance of stronger, healthier, more vibrant roses. 

  • Rich in organic matter to improve soil structure
  • Advanced nutrition for healthy plants
  • Longer-lasting, more fragrant flowers
  • Greener and  glossier foliage
  • Builds disease resistance for stronger as well as healthier roses
      When To Use

      Apply every 7-14 days from early spring to late summer (March-August)

      How To Use
      • Shake well before use
      • Fill a watering can with 4.5L of water (1 gallon)
      • Measure 50ml using the dosing cap and pour the feed into the watering can
      • Without wetting the foliage, apply around the plant until saturated

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