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INNOVATION that exceeds EXPECTATION - The WiFi CONNEkT Wall Socket Starter Kit featuring Power line Technology! Upgrade your sockets to extend your wired or wireless network over your existing electrical wiring simply... safely... securely. Provides a full-strength, uninterrupted WiFi network throughout your home or office!

Power line technology converts your existing electrical wiring circuit into a fast internet network! Using your existing power cables to transfer data eliminating the need to install additional network cabling. Fast & reliable home or office network made simple!

Networking without the complicated wiring

  • Create an internet connection using any double wall socket installed in your home or office.
  • Connect your devices such as; Tablet PC ‘s, Smartphones, Computers, Printers, Games Consoles etc. to your network.
  • Choose between a wired and or wireless network.
  • Low degradation of connection or signal strength.
  • Easily extend your network - simply install additional WiFi CONNEkT Add-On Sockets where necessary (Add-On Sockets are sold separately).

Seamless WiFi (SSID MODE)

  • Move from room to room without suffering signal drop!
  • 2.4 GHz single band frequency.
  • Each wall socket acts as a WiFi Extender/Repeater (SSID) or access point.
  • Move around your surroundings without having to reconnect to the network or suffer a drop in signal.
  • Add-On Sockets auto-detect each other.
  • No drivers or lengthy configuration process.
  • WEP, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, 128 BIT AES Encryption, active security against unauthorised access for excellent network and data protection.

Control your network (Access point mode)

  • Bandwidth throttling - Limits network congestion.
  • Set-up using our easy to follow User Interface via a web browser.
  • Access point functionality gives you complete control over your network accessibility.
  • Name and password protect each socket.
  • Full parental control includes WiFi time scheduling and bandwidth throttling.

The Benefits

  • All-in-one solution... All in one socket!
  • Eliminates weak spots & network drops.
  • Extend your wired or wireless network to areas previously unreachable.
  • Cost-effective networking solution.
  • LAN Ports can be used to connect any devices that require a cable connection such as desktop computers, games consoles, satellite boxes etc.
  • USB Charging port suitable for charging all of your USB devices.
  • Powerline Technology is built into the socket rather than using bulky plug-in adapters.
  • Simple and easy to install.

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