What Is The Running Cost Of A Heated Blanket?
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Commonly Asked Questions

Heated blankets use heating wires that have been placed into the fabric, when this is switched on it activates the wires which then heat up the fabric and therefore the bed.

Types of heated blankets include under blankets, over-blankets, throws and duvets.

These are cheaper to run than central heating or electrical appliances such as heaters. These can be used alongside central heating if you turn the thermostat down.

Heated blankets apply heat directly to you which is more efficient than heating a full room when this is not needed. No heat is wasted.

It is recommended that the electric blanket is placed underneath a fitted sheet to ensure that the heat is not directly touching your skin.

These are perfectly safe to use if you purchase from a legitimate supplier and follow the manufacturer's guidelines.

This will vary depending on the brand and there are normally different settings to allow you to select different temperatures.

It is not recommended to keep these on all night.

  • At least every 10 years
  • If the fabric is worn or frayed
  • If scorch marks or discolouration areas are visible on the fabric
  • If the wires are visible or poking through the fabric
  • If there is damage between the controller and the power supply to the blanket
  • If the connector fitted to the blanket is damaged or overheating
  • If the controller is making a buzzing noise when switched on and/or giving off a strange odour

Most electric blankets can be washed in the washing machine, the label on the blanket will advise if you are able to do this and provide specific instructions. Please ensure that if this is the case, you disconnect the power cord before doing this.

Always check the dimensions of the blanket you are buying to ensure it will cover the area needed.

Always check the cord length to ensure it will reach the plug socket

Look at the heat options you would like, for example, an overnight heating option

  • Ensure you keep it clean and in good condition as damaged blankets will consume more energy.
  • Use the lower settings on your blanket.

What Is The Cost Of Running A Heated Blanket?

On the lowest setting these cost from as little as 3.4p per hour to run.

Based on current electricity prices (January 2023) if you used a 100W electric blanket 1 hour a day for the week this would use 0.7kwh it would cost 24p. 100W = 0.1KW x 34p per kwh = 3.4p per hour.

To work out the cost of your electric blanket, firstly convert to kW. 100W is 0.1kW (or 100 divided by 1000). Then you simply need to multiply this by the pence/kWh unit.


Electric Blanket Cost Calculator

Use this calculator to find the cost of your electric blanket per month (30 days).

Total Wattage (in Watts (1kW = 1000W)):
Number of Hours (per day):
Electricity Cost (in pence):



Safety Tips For Using Your Heated Blanket

  • Always buy a new one, do not buy these second hand
  • Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions
  • Replace at least every 10 years
  • Roll your electric blanket rather than fold it
  • Keep the electric blanket flat to help avoid damage
  • Check the blanket regularly for signs of damage
  • Do not use a hot water bottle when using a heated blanket
  • Do not use or insert pins to hold the blanket in place
  • Unplug the power cord after use
  • Ensure it is completely cooled before you store it away
  • Keep pets away from your electric blanket
  • Do not use an electric blanket on a water bed, hospital bed, sofa bed or a chair.
  • Do not twist the electric blankets power cord.
  • Do not tuck the edges of an electric blanket under the mattress