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  • Balanced multi-purpose feed with micronutrients
  • Liquid concentrate with integral measure
  • Promotes stronger, healthy growth
  • Suitable for all plants indoors/outdoors and in the greenhouse
  • litre concentrate makes up to 300 litres of feed
  • Contains NPK 7:7:7

Doff Liquid Growmore of a fast-acting liquid plant food with micronutrients for the string, healthy growth of flowers, fruit, vegetables and shrubs in both gardens and greenhouses. This one litre bottle of concentrate will make up to 300 litres of feed providing essential nutrients for strong, healthy growth in flowers, fruit, vegetables and shrubs. 

Directions for Use

Inner Cap = 15ml. Mix 1 inner capful of Doff Liquid Growmore into 4.5 litres (1 gallon) of water to cover 7.5 square metres (9 square yards), and apply to the base of the plants, avoiding the foliage. 

For General Garden Plants: Thoroughly water the solution into the soil around the base of the plants. Feed every 14 days.
For Garden Plants From Which Fruit Or Flowers Are To Be Picked: Thoroughly water the solution into the soil around the base of the plants. Feed every 7 days.
For Greenhouse Plants: Thoroughly water the solution into the growing medium to its full depth. Feed every 7 days. Protect from frost. 

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