63A 30mA RCCB RCD 4 Pole Module Domestic Consumer Unit Circuit Breaker

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The 4 Way RCCB / RCD Breakers from ESR are available in a range of amp ratings & Time delay including 63 Amp 30mA, 63 Amp 100mA, 80 Amp 30mA, 80 Amp 100mA and 80 Amp 100mA Time Delay. This range includes the RCD4-6330, RCD4-63100, RCD4-8030, RCD4-80100 and RCD4-80100T models.

An RCD is a sensitive current breaker designed to protect the user and their property from electric shock and potential fires by breaking the current as is passes through your consumer unit in the event of a detected imbalance or disruption to current path. RCDs are known to save lives and are a commonly used component in domestic consumer unit configurations.

These RCD modules will use 4 modules/ways on your ESR consumer unit rail bar, and will trip the entire circuit associated with it in the event of a detected fault.

These RCCB modules are designed to trip at an imbalance of your choice in 30mA or 100mA options with a timed module available. We advise consulting your electrician if you are unsure which current rating is right for your desired application, as the wrong type may cause unnecessary tripping or create a potential hazard.

Main Features:

  • 4 pole RCCB circuit breakers in a range of current options
  • Easily installed in your ESR modular consumer unit
  • Safe and reliable product that is known to save lives and severely reduce risk of property damage

Technical Specification:

  • Voltage: 230V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Modular size: 4 Module/way
  • Pole: Quad Pole
  • Trip current rating: 30mA/100mA
  • BS EN61008-1

Models in this range:

RCD4-6330 - 4 Pole RCD, 63a 30ma
RCD4-63100 - 4 Pole RCD, 63a 100ma
RCD4-8030 - 4 Pole RCD, 80a 30ma
RCD4-80100 - 4 Pole RCD, 80a 100ma
RCD4-80100T - 4 Pole RCD, 80a 100mA Time Delay

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